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10 Famous Females Who Love CBD Products

10 Famous Females Who Love CBD Products

Kim Kardashian Loves CBD Oil

Kim Kardashian

Kim K isn't shy about her love for CBD. She told E! that she loves CBD and that her last baby shower was "CBD themed." And she's happy to share recommendations of products she loves. On her Instagram story, Kim K recently revealed that she's hooked on CBD salves. "Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!" she wrote.


Whoopi Goldberg Loves CBD Oil

Whoopi Goldberg

The View co-host is the co-founder of Whoopi & Maya, a company that specialises in the legal distribution of medical marijuana (Some US states only). Another mainstay of the brand? 


Alessandra Ambrosio loves CBD

Alessandra Ambrosio

You have to put in some serious gym time to become one of the most famous Victoria's Secret models to walk the runway, so it should come as no surprise that Ambrosio turns to CBD-infused products to feel awesome after her workouts.


Jennifer Anniston Loves CBD Balm

Jennifer Aniston

If Jennifer Aniston takes CBD and looks this great, then we are all for it too. Aniston likes to feel the benefits of CBD without the high of Marijuana 


Mandy Moore Loves CBD Balm

Mandy Moore

Being the star of This Is Us means Moore has walked more than her fair share of red carpets. To soothe aching feet, she told The Coveteur that she planned to use CBD oil ahead of last year's Golden Globes:"This year I'm trying some CBD oil on my feet."

Emma Roberts Loves CBD

Emma Roberts

Earlier this year, Us Weekly reported that Roberts extolled the virtues of her favourite CBD bath tonic on her Instagram stories, explaining it helps to soothe her entire body.


Olivia Wilde Loves CBD

Olivia Wilde

Wilde opened up about her love of CBD lotion during an interview with the New York Times last year.  She found it to be soothing after long days treading the boards.


Busy Phillips Loves CBD

Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips puts her wellness down to daily exercise and CBD. Sounds good to us!


Gwyneth Paltrow Loves CBD

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow is often credited with popularising (and normalising) CBD use within the beauty and wellness industries, thanks to featuring the ingredient on her lifestyle brand Goop's website.

Along with sharing infused cocktails, Paltrow's team has also covered a first-timer's experience at a CBD boutique, and how the smart set plans CBD dinner parties.


Kristen Bell Loves CBD

Kristen Bell

Bell has spoken at length about her belief in CBD products (and cannabis use in general). Most recently, she shared a photo of CBD lotion on her Instagram story, writing that it helps her "sore muscles after working out."


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