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CBD & Anxiety: Can it help you get through self-isolation?

CBD & Anxiety: Can it help you get through self-isolation?

Currently the world is experiencing an unimaginable event that is impacting every individual in one way or another. The uncertainty that surrounds the Coronavirus is leaving many with a feeling of helplessness, despair and anxiety, both mild and severe; in-fact six in 10 people within the UK have felt anxious about Coronavirus.

If you tend to experience symptoms of anxiety daily or from time to time, you may have found yourself researching for different types of methods you can use to help control your anxiety.

If the stresses of Coronavirus has you sighing at the thought of mediation and breathing exercises (which are still definitely worth doing) perhaps CBD, which has received positive feedback when it comes to calming the effects of anxiety, could be a worthwhile investment to help during these trying times.

What is CBD?

The simple answer is; CBD is a cannabinoid, which is found in hemp and cannabis plants. There is a distinct difference between hemp and cannabis which explains why you could purchase hemp derived products in shops but not cannabis products.

CBD oils and other products can be derived from either cannabis or hemp; however the end result is pretty similar, regardless of which plant it’s made from, the CBD molecule is exactly the same from either plant.

You should find, especially within the UK that most, if not all CBD products which are derived from Hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC can be sold commercially.

Why do we get anxious?

Anxiety is described by the NHS as ‘a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe’ we can experience anxiety before getting on a plane, starting a new job or attending a new school or even going to the shops.

People can feel anxious in different severities and when the feeling of anxiety is very overwhelming is can cause their day to day to suffer from normal activities.

Some people can control their anxiety through simple breathing techniques or by asking themselves why they feel anxious or reassuring themselves or even others around them which can help to distract the mind in a difficult situation. 

Self-isolating with anxiety

Anxiety can have a tendency to stop you from completing day to day tasks such as visiting friends and family, going to the shops or even attending work. You may think that anxiety levels would lower, knowing individuals don’t have to leave their home for any particular reason; however that is not the case.

As we are living through a troubling time, self-isolation could prove to be more difficult for some people, especially those who as part of their anxiety rely on other people for reassurance and distraction to the things that worry them the most.

Isolating alone could increase the feeling of anxiety, with the added stress and worry that comes with too much exposure to the news and social media, which as we already know, can cause negative effects on people’s mental health.

Trying CBD for anxiety

CBD has been tried-and-tested for anxiety in many different formats and has proven for many individuals to be a positive alternative method to common types of medication, which have otherwise presented them with negative side-effects.

If you’re unsure how exactly CBD has the ability to alleviate the feeling of anxiety, it has a lot to do with the endocannabinoid system, which is an incredibly complex part of our body. This system has a lot to do with the physical and chemical components are our general state, such as sleep, diet, mood and many other elements that keep us healthy and happy.

These two components combined; CBD and our endocannabinoid system work together to produce calming effects as a result of our own cannabinoids to be able to stick around for much longer.

Which CBD product should I try for anxiety?

If you would like to try CBD but you’re not sure where to start, CBD Oil tends to be a favourite among CBD users, as in most cases it produces quicker results, it’s easy to consume has variable strengths to suit the individual.

CBD edibles are ideal if you want something sweet as well as calming throughout the day, as you can find a range of different CBD edibles such as CBD gummies and even CBD mints!

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