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The benefits of CBD vapes compared to smoking

The benefits of CBD vapes compared to smoking

In the past few years, the market for vaping products has exploded. According to the NHS, around 2.9 million adults in the UK use e-cigarettes and 1.5 million of those have stopped smoking cigarettes altogether. 

We know that vaping carries a small fraction of the health risks posed by cigarettes, which makes them an effective stepping stone towards quitting, especially when vape products are complemented with extra help to give up.

In 2015, Public Health England produced a review that concluded that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoked tobacco, based on the latest science. That’s primarily because a lot of the harmful things aren’t present. Nicotine is, of course, highly addictive, but by itself, it is relatively harmless.

In this video, produced by Public Health England, we can see just how much tar and other dangerous compounds get into our lungs in cigarette smoke:


It’s no wonder, when videos like that are common and accessible, that so many are now looking for healthier alternatives.

E-cigarettes and vaping products, in general, are subject to tight regulations in the UK to help ensure their safety and quality. That doesn’t mean they are risk-free, but the risk is much lower, in large part because they don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide, which are two of the most harmful components in tobacco smoke.

Vapes are easy to use and are familiar to anyone who has used an e-cigarette or something similar. They can be used socially and can help people who are trying to give up smoking since they fit in neatly with their existing lifestyles and habits. 

So where do CBD vape products fit in? Well, as products to replace cigarettes gained in popularity, interest grew in what else a vape product could contain. There are now a wide range of high-quality CBD vapes on the market (browse our own CBD vape line here), which all benefit from a vape’s inherent properties.

First, a vape is the fastest delivery method available. Compared to an ingestible such as drops or a topical, the CBD in a vape takes effect almost immediately. That makes it ideal for people looking for fast relief and soothing.

Vapes are also a good way to take CBD isolate (which is pure CBD without any of the other cannabinoids, terpenes, etc, found in full-spectrum products). That means people who want to reach high dosages of CBD often find a vape a simpler and sometimes more affordable way of doing so.

Many people are now trying CBD as an alternative to nicotine in their vapes. That’s because of the cannabinoid’s potential for relaxation, without being addictive. Some use it help wean off nicotine, or to simply reduce their intake by mixing it with something else.

Before diving in, do be sure to check what the rules are in the places you visit. The picture is variable, and in lots of places vapes are treated in the same way as cigarettes, i.e. can only be used in designated spaces.

We hope this is a helpful primer on CBD vapes and thanks for reading!

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