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Top professional athletes that use CBD for recovery

Top professional athletes that use CBD for recovery

It is increasingly well-known that CBD can have a number of benefits for active people. More athletes than ever before are utilising these advantages themselves.

The body of an athlete goes through a much higher amount of stress making them more prone to injury. CBD oil can help them (and you) protect their bodies, reduce recovery time, and keep them performing at their best as the cannabinoid works cohesively with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

Below we note some of sport’s top athletes who have come to sing the praises of CBD, helping to grow the industry and bring awareness to the everyday fitness community.

Baltimore Ravens Former Offensive Tackle Eugene Monroe

Eugene Monroe was the first active NFL football player to come out about his use of CBD oil for his health and wellness. He has been an active supporter of the “The Bright Lights Campaign,” which studies the effects of CBD and how it can positively benefit football players.

Tennessee Titans NFL Linebacker Derrick Morgan

Morgan was in the news recently announcing that he regularly uses CBD oil. He continues to speak out about how he believes that CBD is highly effective. He’s also has encouraged other fellow football players to consider using it.

MMA Fighter Nate Diaz

In 2016, Nate Diaz came out in the open about his use of CBD oil. He explained how it helped him with the healing process and inflammation following his training sessions. Diaz uses CBD oil before and after his fights, as well as after his training.

Some other athletes that use CBD oil are:

MMA Fighter Chris Camozzi
Former NFL Defensive End Marvin Washington
NFL defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins
UFC Fighter Yair Rodriguez

The list of current and former athletes who have advocated for CBD is now long. In the NBA, Al Harrington, Cliff Robinson, and Rick Barry are all advocates who have vested interests in the industry. These are not the only athletes to support the use of CBD oil and there are sure to be many more in the near future.

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