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Why Choose CBDistillery Gummies?

Why Choose CBDistillery Gummies?

While CBDistillery™ gummies have been a best seller with both their customers and ours here at CBD Porter, they took a great product and made it even better. CBDistillery gummies are now vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, kosher and made with natural flavours.

Despite their attractive rainbow colours and delicious natural fruit flavours. There is a far more compelling benefit to taking CBD gummies

When you choose gummies from CBDistillery™, you are garunteed a consistent measured dose of high quality CBD in a easy to consume, portable format. CBDistillery have taken the hassle of shaking a bottle, measuring your serving or counting your drops. The gummies are simple, accurate, effective and easy to enjoy. CBDistillery™ have even addressed the aftertaste of hemp, which is not to everyones pallet, so to ensure you enjoy every moment of the gummy from the second you pop it in your mouth, CBDistillery have made their gummies with odourless, flavourless CBD so there is no nasty aftertaste, just the tasty fruit flavours of the nostalgic gummy.

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