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    CBD Drink Drops

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    Brand: PollenType: Broad Spectrum Delivery type: Drink DropsCBD: 500mgCBD per serving: 10mg  Flavour: VanillaTHC: 0% Pollen's Powerbank drink dr...

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    from £55.00
We stock a range of CBD strengths, from low-potency 250mg CBD to high-potency 2000mg CBD, so you can be sure to find the right oil drops for your needs.
At CBD Porter, we provide our customers with the best CBD products from our online shop, available throughout the UK, including a wide range of CBD oils. Our CBD oil drops are supplied as tinctures, in small bottles with pipette lids. CBD tinctures means that there is a trace of the CBD within the liquid drops.
CBD oil refers to cannabidiol and is a commonly used abbreviation. It is one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found in marijuana and hemp. The consumption of CBD oil does not offer any psychoactive properties (this would be the THC found in such plants), but rather does offer numerous health benefits such as reducing pain and stress, and increasing relaxation and alertness.
We believe we offer the best CBD oils available, including a range of trusted brands such as CBDistillery, Kanabia, Brand Hemp, Hemple, Pollen, Wildfolwer, Pure Sport CBD and CBD Luxe. Our collection of full spectrum hemp extract liquids and flavoured CBD oils are of the highest quality. Within our range, we offer various different CBD strengths, from a low-potency of 250mg CBD to high-potency of 2000mg. This means you are bound to find the right CBD oil for you.
For more information about our range of CBD oils, then simply browse our website and get in touch for more information.