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Wellness - CBD Oil - 500mg

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Brand: Wildflower 
Type: Broad Spectrum
Delivery type: Tincture
CBD: 500mg
CBD (per serving): 16.5mg
 Tropical Fruit 
Bottle size: 30ml

Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil benefits: 

  • 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Controlled dosing
  • Organic 
  • Naturally-grown hemp plants
  • CO2 extracted CBD
  • All-natural plant-based formula 
  • Alcohol-free
  • Pesticide-free, fertilizer-free, and Non-GMO
  • Vegan

Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil 500mg - Overview 

Have you ever wondered what the feeling of Wellness looks like? Well, look no further than the Wildflower CBD Wellness tincture. This perfectly formulated CBD oil is THC-free, naturally grown from the Hemp plant giving you the highest quality of CBD. 

Why You’ll Love Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil 500mg?

Quite frankly there is nothing to dislike about Wildflowers Wellness CBD oil. The fruity flavour makes it perfect for any taste bud. Just knowing that you are getting the correct daily dosage of CBD in every dropper is enough, right?

Who Should Buy Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil?

Who should buy Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil? To be honest, anyone. The Wellness CBD oil is perfect for those with hectic lifestyles or simply anyone who's new to using CBD. The ease and convenience of using a dropper provide you with the confidence of accurate daily dosing. Having peace of mind knowing that the CBD has been organically processed using the highest quality CBD derived from the Hemp plant. 

What CBD does Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil 500mg contain? 

Wildflower Wellness CBD 500mg Oil contains the highest quality co2 extracted CBD oil. Organic hemp seed oil and Milk Thistle extract. The oil is all-natural, plant-based, completely vegan, and cruelty-free.

Top 3 Features of the Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil 500mg 

Vegan Friendly: Wildflower Wellness CBD oil is Vegan friendly, therefore having the peace of mind that our products are cruelty-free.

Highest Quality CBD: Wildflower Wellness CBD oil strives to provide the highest quality of broad-spectrum CBD derived from naturally grown Hemp plants.

Great Taste: The great taste of Tropical fruit makes Wildflower Wellness Oil a palatable oil for any taste bud.


Hemp Seed Oil, Natural flavouring ( Soy oil, natural fruit extracts, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, and Milk Thistle Extract.

Directions for use:

1-2 droppers daily adjust accordingly if necessary. Squeeze the rubber bulb for a full dropper, drop under your tongue and hold there for approximately 30 seconds and swallow.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil get me high? 

The CBD oil will not get you high. It is THC free, therefore contains no psychoactive ingredients. 

When is the best time to take Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil? 

Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil can be taken at any time of the day. For consistency and regularity, it's recommended that it should be taken at around the same kind of time daily. For example, if you were to take it at 8 am in the morning, take it at 8 am the following morning.

How strong is Wildflower Wellness CBD oil?

In a 30ml bottle of Wildflower Wellness CBD oil, there is 500mg CBD. Each full dropper provides 16.5mg of CBD per serving.

Is Wildflower Wellness CBD Oil legal? 

The simple answer is yes. Wildflower Wellness CBD oil contains no THC therefore is completely legal to buy and consume in the UK. Other countries may have different rules and regulations on buying and consuming CBD products therefore it's advised that you check your countries policy before buying.

Quality Assured:

Here at CBD Porter UK we only stock premium CBD from trusted brands, so you can be confident that you'll receive quality supplements that have undergone extensive research and rigorous laboratory tests.