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Dr. Dabber CBD Battery


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Brand: Dr Dabber
Type: Battery 
Delivery type: Vape
Colour: Blue, Green, Orange, or Purple
THC: 0%

Key Features 

  • Works with all Dr Dabber Cartridges 
  • Rechargeable
  • Universal Battery 
  • 40-50 uses per charge
  • 3 heat settings

Dr Dabber CBD Vape Battery - Overview 

Do you feel guilty about the impact disposable vape pens can have on the environment? Feel let down that most CBD vapes on the market are disposable? Say hello to Dr Dabber’s revolutionary solution. The 510 cartridge battery is specifically calibrated but can be used with any 510 threaded cartridge. This fantastic universal fixture allows you to enjoy all of the amazing vape cartridges offered by Dr Dabber. Featuring 3 heat settings so you can have your CBD exactly how you like.

Why You’ll Love Dr Dabber CBD Battery?

The Dr Dabber CBD 510 Cartridge Battery is a unique and universal battery. It allows up to 40-50 uses on a single charge, more than enough to handle a standard 250mg cartridge. Then you just recharge and enjoy guilt free, as you reduce the impact on the environment from disposable vapes. You will love the easy charge USB portal, allowing you to recharge with ease wherever you are. Sleek in design, smooth to the touch, all elements that add a rich feel to the vaping experience.

Available in Blue (to match the Original cartridge), Green (Fresh), Orange (Citrus) or Purple (Robust).

Who Should Buy Dr Dabber CBD Battery?

If you can't wait to get your hands on Dr Dabber CBD Cartridges with their delicious terpene blends and unmatched CBD profile, then you'll need to grab a Dr Battery too. Available in four vibrant colours that match Dr Dabber's four exquisite flavours - Original, Fresh, Citrus, and Robust.

What's included in Dr Dabber CBD Battery? 

Dr Dabber CBD Battery contains: 1 x rechargeable battery in the colour of your choosing. 1 x USB charging cable.

The Dr Dabber CBD Cartridges are sold separately and available in 4 flavours - Original, Fresh, Citrus, and Robust.

Top 3 Features 

Vibrant: Striking in colour, sleek in design. The Dr Dabber CBD Vape Battery is everything you need to gain the most out of your CBD vaping experience. Comfortable to hold with an expensive feel, in 4 vibrant colours to match your mood.

Rechargeable: The unique rechargeable aspect of Dr Dabber CBD Vape Battery makes for an easy ride. With enough juice to handle a standard 250mg cartridge. This allows for 40-50 uses per charge.

Works With Universal Cartridge: A real revolution in CBD vaping. Dr Dabber CBD Vape Batteries are universal with all of their cartridges. They allow you to explore your taste buds and express your personality with the range of colours and flavours.

Directions for use:

Simply connect the battery to your Dr Dabber cartridge. Select your heat setting and you are good to go. If you run out of juice you can replace your cartridge with any flavour and the battery is universal. If your battery runs low, there is a handy USB charger for you to top it up.

Quality Assured:

Here at CBD Porter UK we only stock premium CBD from trusted brands, so you can be confident that you'll receive quality supplements that have undergone extensive research and rigorous laboratory tests.