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CBD Capsules - Curcumin and Ginseng - 30 x 20mg


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Brand: Wildflower 
Type: Broad Spectrum
Delivery type: CBD Capsules
Flavour: Curcumin & Ginseng

Key Features

  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • CBD, Curcumin & Ginseng
  • CO2 safely extracted CBD
  • Organically grown hemp
  • 20mg CBD per serving
  • 600mg CBD per bottle 

Wildflower CBD Curcumin and Ginseng Capsules - Overview 

Wildflower sources high-quality ingredients for its CBD Curcumin and Ginseng capsules. They combine this with premium ingredients so that maximum benefit can be achieved. 

Wildflower’s products are sourced from Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. The hemp is organically grown and CO2 extracted to achieve the highest quality results and provide fantastic products. In addition, all Wildflowers products are third-party lab tested for accurate dosing and quality assurance. The CBD Capsules are just one of the fantastic range of products from the Wildflower CBD range.

Who Should Buy Wildflower CBD Capsules?

Wildflower CBD Capsules are great for anyone who wants to get their daily RDA of CBD wellness. These capsules are super convenient and easy to take, vegan-friendly, and bottled beautifully.

Why You’ll Love Wildflower CBD Curcumin & Ginseng Capsules?

You will love the Wildflower CBD Capsules as they are super easy to take, convenient for the busiest on-the-go lifestyle. You'll get your RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) with every capsule. They are made from the highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD and Hemp Seed Oil. They have lots of other added natural ingredients such as Amino Acids & Omega 3 and 6.

Top 5 Wildflower CBD Curcumin & Ginseng Capsules Benefits 

  1. Broad-Spectrum CBD 
  2. CO2 safely extracted CBD
  3. Vegan Friendly 
  4. Easy to take 
  5. Rich in Amino Acid and Omega 3&6


Broad-spectrum CBD extract, organic hemp seed oil, curcumin, ginseng, and black pepper oil. 

Directions for use:

Take 1-2 capsules daily with water, we would recommend that the capsules are taken around the same time daily

Wildflower CBD Curcumin & Ginseng Capsules - FAQ

Every question you may have, answered. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as fast as you can type "curcumin".

Will Wildflower CBD Curcumin & Ginseng Capsules get me high?

THC is the psychoactive ingredient found in some CBD products. However, Wildflower CBD Capsules contain less than 0.2%. The THC content in these Wildflower Capsules is a trace amount so getting high is not possible. 

What is Curcumin & Ginseng?

Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical found in plants. It is a principal curcuminoid of Tumeric and a member of the Ginger family. Curcumin is a herbal supplement. Ginseng is on the roof of plants in the Genus Panax. It is one of the most popular herbal medicines, it is widely used for its great anti-inflammatory properties and is also used as an antioxidant.

Are Wildflower CBD Curcumin & Ginseng Capsules suitable for everyone?

Wildflower CBD Capsules are Vegan friendly, therefore devoid of any animal products. Wildflower CBD Capsules are flavourless and contain the right daily dosage of CBD so suitable for all adults.

How do you take Wildflower CBD Curcumin & Ginseng Capsules?

Taking WIldflower CBD Capsules couldn't be easier, simply take 1-2 Capsules daily with water. We would recommend that you take it at the same kind of time daily and adjust your dosage accordingly.

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Seed Oil derives from the seeds of the Sativa Plant. It's rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and other nutritional antioxidants. Hemp Seed Oil is a dark to clear green in colour with a nutty flavour.

What if I forget to take my Wildflower CBD Capsules? 

Don't panic. It takes a while for the CBD to build up in your system. Just take your forgotten capsules straight away and continue as normal the next day.

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Quality assured:

Here at CBD Porter UK we only stock premium CBD capsules from trusted brands, so you can be confident that you'll receive quality supplements that have undergone extensive research and rigorous laboratory tests.