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Choosing The Right CBD Product

Topicals | Oils | Capsules | Vape Pens | Beverages


CBD products come in almost endless shapes and sizes. From oil drops to cooking oil, bath bombs, capsules, coffee and even pizza - CBD is showing up in an ever-increasing number of places.

Choosing the right way to take CBD will depend a lot on your own preferences, lifestyles and needs. Here, we’ll break down the broad categories of CBD products we offer, to help you identify which ones might be right for you.


We have a wide range of hemp extract skin care balms and salves, cannabidiol face creams and massage oils from trusted CBD brands. Topicals are good for sensitive skin, as they often combine the benefits of a moisturiser or soothing cream while delivering CBD directly.

Topicals have the benefit of being able to be applied specifically to an affected area. The way they are delivered also means it’s quite easy to fit them into an existing hygiene or care routine, which keeps things simple.

Typically, a topical’s effects will last longer than a comparable ingestible or smokable product, but those effects will also take longer to kick in. The length of time it takes to have an effect is also impacted by local hair growth and also fatty tissue in the area. Both can slow uptake of the CBD. However, once in action, a topical will typically work for more than five hours.

One important factor is that topicals bypass the liver. That’s relevant because CBD can affect the way the liver’s metabolisis works, which can potentially interact with other medications a person might be taking. For instance, it could lead to those other medications being metabolised too quickly or too slowly, which is why topicals are the ideal choice for some people.

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Hemp extracts and CBD oils are still the most common form of CBD ingestion. We offer a wide range of full spectrum liquids and oils from excellent brands. Oils often take the form of tinctures or drops, which are placed under the tongue with the included dropper.

In most cases, oils are held under the tongue for at least a minute before swallowing. That allows for absorption directly into the blood vessels - speeding uptake. Typically, oils take 30-60 minutes to take effect and can last anywhere from 2-6 hours.

Oils are popular since they are discreet and convenient. That makes them easy to use anywhere and carry with you throughout the day and night. The dropper makes it easy to control dosage, and of course the form factor tends to be more familiar to non-smokers who might not feel comfortable with a vape product.

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Capsules, gummies and other edibles are another very popular and common form of CBD product. We choose only products from brands we know and trust, and are always on the lookout for new varieties we think our customers will like.

Edibles come in many shapes, sizes and flavours, which means it’s easy to find something suited to your own personal tastes. It’s also relatively easy to control dosages - although there’s a little less flexibility than with oils, since you are limited by the product’s size.

As with oils, edible products take a little longer to take effect than vapes, but last significantly longer. Edible products typically act for longer than oils, but also take slightly longer to have an impact. 

Capsules can be a great choice if you like to combine CBD with something else, enjoy it with food, or prefer to consume CBD discreetly.

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Vape CBDs are quickly gaining in popularity, especially as vape products in general are becoming much more common as a cigarette alternative. Our range are a satisfying and effective way to enjoy CBD. They are e-liquid pens with a pure CDB isolate.

Typically, the CBD takes effect almost immediately, since inhalation is the fastest delivery method available. At the same time, the effect will wear off faster than equivalent products, typically lasting up to an hour. For that reason, vapes are popular with those looking for the fastest possible delivery.

Vapes are easy to use and will be familiar to anyone who has used a similar nicotine product. They can be social, and might suit people looking for help to give up smoking. However, vapes are not welcome or even legal in many public settings, so it is worth thinking about your lifestyle and how you plan to take CBD before settling on a vape.

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CBD drinks are quickly gaining popularity, and with good reason. Combining a regular dose with an existing habit - a morning coffee, for instance - is an enjoyable way of incorporating CBD into the daily routine.

We offer a range of hemp oil-infused coffee made from fresh roasted beans. Sträva Craft makes high-quality coffee blends that use organic hemp oil across a range of strengths, and include decaf options.

CBD in drinks takes effect at roughly the same speed as other edibles like capsules, and last for several hours. Dosages can be less precise, as you’d expect. Coffee makes it easy to enjoy CBD at home or at work in a way that is discreet and social. It may also be an easy to introduce friends to the benefits of CBD!

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