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Go To bed calm with CBD

Poor sleep is a significant public health concern. Approximately 30% of us are severely sleep deprived, putting more people at risk of mental health and relationship issues. Quality sleep plays a vital role in maintaining optimal health throughout your life. It impacts almost every aspect of your wellbeing from daily performance and weight, to your mood and memory. If you are currently struggling to achieve a good night’s sleep, it’s imperative that you take action. CBD oil for sleep is increasingly popular. Curious why?

In order to combat sleep issues, many are now turning to quality CBD sources. Early research is showing that this non-psychoactive remedy may promote a more restful sleep. 

Does CBD Make You Sleepy? 

When it comes to sleep issues, a CBD sleep aid may make all the difference. Not only should a full spectrum hemp extract, promote deeper sleep, it may also help restlessness, without next-day drowsiness. That is one of the many reasons the potential CBD oil has for sleep is so exciting.

Standing for cannabidiol, CBD does not produce the same effect as THC. Early research indicates hemp extracts with CBD offer various benefits without the associated high. Currently, CBD is predominantly being studied in relation to sleep, anxiety and pain. In the coming years research will hopefully validate its efficacy as a natural low-risk alternative to conventional pharmaceutical sleep aids.