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About Us

Welcome to CBD Porter UK! We bring our customers the best CBD from around the world. You can rest easy knowing every product on our site is top-quality, UK-compliant and helps you to feel great.

Today, CBD can be found everywhere from oils to bath bombs and even pizzas - with good reason. It is one of the most exciting wellness products to hit the market in years. Everyone at CBD Porter is passionate about CBD, having discovered its benefits ourselves. We think it’s an important supplement that can help pretty much everyone!

We are constantly researching, testing and travelling the world to speak to experts to make sure we stay at the cutting edge of CBD development. We also want to help as many people as possible discover this hugely important component of the hemp and cannabis plant, which is why we talk so much about it.


Your CBD Information Portal & Supplier

If you are new to CBD, want to know what all the fuss is about and have questions before you buy, you’re in the right place! We’re delighted you’re here and have written articles we hope you’ll find useful. See our CBD FAQs, info on UK CBD law and a guide on choosing the right CBD product for you.

If you’re already a CBD aficionado, welcome! We are always evolving our product lineup to offer the best range in the UK and ship all over the world. We would also love to know what you think (and what else you’d like to see us offer). Shop by product category.

Elsewhere, you can find out more about CBD, including how it can be used and a brief history of usage. Of course, CBD is just one aspect of wellbeing, so we also talk about ideas for good health and happiness through diet, exercise, meditation, exercise and having fun. We have access to an amazing panel of experts to help guide us all towards a more fulfilled life. Together, we’re building a movement. Come and join us!

Love from everyone at Team CBD Porter