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CBD Soap - Lavender


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Brand: Wildflower
Type: Broad Spectrum
Delivery type: CBD Soap
Flavour: Lavender
THC: <0.2%

Key Features:

  • Vegan
  • All-natural
  • Organically grown Hemp
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • CO2 extracted CBD

CBD Soap - Lavender Overview 

This Wildflower Lavender soap is the perfect addition to any household. It can be used for a multitude of tasks from head to toe! It is just one of the many products brought to the UK by Wildflower.

Wildflower is a Canadian hemp brand aiming for natural, holistic wellness. The hemp used in Wildflower’s products is sourced from Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. The hemp is organically grown and CO2 extracted to achieve the best possible extracts.  

Why You’ll Love CBD Soap - Lavender?

This CBD soap can be used for your hair, your face, full-body or a simple hand wash. This long-lasting beautifully scented Lavender soap will not leave you disappointed.

When mixed with water it creates a wonderful lather that washes the skin but does not dry it, in fact, it improves skin health and moisture. Any dead skin cells are gently removed and clear fresh skin emerges. The Lavender essential oils contained may soothe any irritated skin. 

Who Should Buy CBD Soap - Lavender?

This soap is suitable for anyone who likes the relaxing scent of Lavender and has skin or hair to wash. The most popular use is as an all-over body wash including the face. It can also be used by anyone who wears make-up to gently remove it. People also use it on their hair as a shampoo. Outside of the shower, it would be perfectly at home by a hand basin for washing your hands.

It’s also Vegan which is great as so many of us are moving towards a vegan lifestyle. 

What CBD does CBD Soap - Lavender contain? 

The Wildflower lavender CBD soap contains top-quality CO2 extracted Broad-spectrum CBD from organically grown Hemp. 

Top 3 CBD Soap - Lavender Features 

All-natural: The ingredients are all-natural. They have produced a fantastic soap with 5 ingredients.  Wildflower produces products in line with its holistic approach to wellbeing.

Vegan: The fact this Lavender CBD soap is vegan is making sure to include the increasing number of people who are following that route in line with their beliefs. 

Multi-purpose: It can be used in the place of up to 4 products as it can do a multitude of tasks. Less clutter around your house if you have 1 product instead of 4 separate ones! 


Coconut oil, Water, Lye, Broad spectrum CBD oil, Lavender essential oil.

Directions for use:

Mix with water to make a rich lather in your shower or sink. Apply to hair, skin, or hands. Rinse off and enjoy the lovely lavender scent which remains after cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much CBD is in the Lavender CBD soap?

The amount of broad-spectrum CBD is a fairly low amount. It will still give you benefits from the CBD but you may not obviously notice them like you would a capsule or oil for example. 

Should I be careful about using too much soap?

As the CBD and THC concentration in this product is relatively low, you can confidently use the soap as much and as often as you like. CBD which is absorbed topically is different to a CBD product you consume orally.

Do I need to be careful if I am quite sensitive to products?

If you do have a history of skin or allergic reactions please check the ingredients. In addition, use a small amount to test before lathering up all over your body. The ingredients are all-natural so should be safe for most but best play safe.

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