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Pure - CBD Oil - 500mg

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Brand: Wildflower CBD
Type: Broad Spectrum
Delivery type: Oil
Total CBD: 500mg
CBD per serving: 16.5mg
Bottle size: 30ml
Flavour: Natural unflavoured
THC: <0.02%

Key Features: 

  • Broad-spectrum CBD derived
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 may support a healthy heart and improved brain function 
  • Controlled dosing
  • A natural and pleasant earthy flavour
  • Vegan

Wildflower Pure CBD Oil Overview 

Wildflower’s mission is to achieve natural, holistic wellness and offer products with this in mind. All products are third-party lab tested for accurate dosing and quality assurance. Wildflower uses premium, high-quality cannabidiol and mixes with ingredients so that maximum benefit can be achieved. The Wildflower Pure Oil is an excellent way to incorporate controlled doses of CBD into your daily wellness routine.

Why You’ll Love Wildflower Pure CBD Oil

We all sometimes wake up and struggle to limber up in the mornings or have aches and pains which will not shift, this is our nemesis! Wildflower CBD could help to prime your body for the daily grind, or help ease down afterward. Wildflower Pure CBD Oil is simple to take using the pipette supplied. 

Wildflower CBD is fortified with milk thistle and hemp seed oil. Oil is absorbed quicker into the body due to it being taken under the tongue rather than ingested as an edible. Some people need a faster acting specific CBD so take it as an oil as the edibles are normally a slower more general release of CBD. The natural flavour of the Pure tincture also makes it an easy addition to your food and drink if you prefer.

Who Should Buy Wildflower Pure CBD Oil?

Each individual needs a different amount of CBD for effect and that will still vary within a person depending on what it is needed for. The beauty of an oil is the dosing can be altered to suit your needs. 

If it’s used for pain relief some days may be worse than others so more CBD may be needed on a bad day. This Wildflower pure oil is a relatively low dosage so great for someone keen to try CBD for the first time. Each 1ml full dropper doses 16.5mg of CBD. A good starting dose would be 1-2 full droppers.

Top Wildflower Pure CBD Oil Features 

  • Organically grown Hemp: The hemp used in Wildflower’s products is sourced from Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky.
  • Co2 extracted CBD: This achieves a high-quality, potent extract that is packed full of active phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and nutrients
  • Vegan: A large number of people are moving towards Veganism. This is a product for anyone.
  • All-natural ingredients: All the ingredients are from the ground and natural


Fractionated coconut oil, Hemp seed oil, Full Spectrum CBD oil, and Milk thistle extract.

Directions for use:

Start with 1-2 droppers per day, adjust as desired. Squeeze and hold the rubber bulb to fill the dropper. Put under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds then swallow. It can be added to food and drink if you prefer.

Most Important Questions About Wildflower Pure CBD Oil

How do I know what dose I require?

CBD dosing is a very personal thing. People have different responses to it in comparison to others. Even individuals may find different delivery and doses of CBD help them differently depending on what the CBD is needed for in their body. It is best to start with a suggested low dose and increase it until the desired effect is reached.

How long will this 30ml bottle last?

It’s hard to say exactly as people will require different doses at different frequencies throughout the day. As a rough guide, a starting dose of 20mg taken twice a day would mean this 500mg bottle would last 12 days. This 500mg bottle is great to start with if you are trying CBD for the first time- it will definitely tell you if CBD works for you without having to break the bank. There are stronger concentration bottles available which work out slightly better value.

How quickly will I feel the benefits?

Oil is a quicker method of CBD delivery than an edible which is ingested such as a capsule (and vapes are even quicker than oil). The effects of oil should be felt approximately 30 minutes after taking it.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal for sale and use. The THC content must be below 0.2%. Most products such as this one have a trace amount of THC or zero THC. 

Quality Assured:

Here at CBD Porter UK we only stock premium CBD from trusted brands, so you can be confident that you'll receive quality supplements that have undergone extensive research and rigorous laboratory tests.