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Wildflower CBD Capsules

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Brand: Wildflower
Type: Broad Spectrum
Delivery type: Capsule
CBD: 900mg 

Key Features: 

  • 900mg of Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Easily consumed
  • Accurately dosed
  • Natural immune support
  • CO2 extracted CBD
  • Vegan

Wildflower CBD Capsules Overview

Do you like the idea of CBD but feel overwhelmed and confused by the choice? Do you find yourself confused by the dosage? How much should I take? Well, allow us to take away the stress and confusion. Wildflower CBD capsules are accurately dosed with 30mg per capsule, and with 30 servings you have enough CBD to last you a whole month. 

Why You’ll Love Wildflower CBD Capsules?

Honestly, there is nothing to dislike about this product. Each capsule supplies 30mg of the highest quality co2 extracted CBD. The product is Vegan and cruelty-free. The smooth gel-like texture allows for easy consumption. There is no funky aftertaste you may experience with some oils. Wildflower CBD capsules are flavourless and can simply be taken with water.

Who Should Buy Wildflower CBD Capsules?

Why should you buy Wildflower CBD capsules? Well regardless if you are experienced with CBD consumption or totally new to the game. Wildflower CBD capsules are not a hastily thrown-together formula. Wildflower ensures that all of the ingredients, CBD, and Terpenes are carefully selected. They ensure the highest quality CBD, at the correct levels, to achieve holistic wellness.

The ease and convenience of Wildflower CBD capsules make them suitable for pretty much everyone. We are all busy, running our crazy lives. Your time is precious, it can be a struggle to remember everything and the last thing you need is to add another confusing element to your day. That is what makes CBD capsules the perfect choice for you.

They provide an easy-to-consume, efficient way to take CBD on the go. With minimum impact on your day providing maximum benefits of CBD. So even if you have a long commute to work, running late for the train, or staying home with young children, these capsules could be the solution for you. 

What CBD Do Wildflower CBD Capsules Contain? 

Wildflower CBD capsules contain the highest quality CO2 extracted CBD oil. Organic hemp seed oil and cellulose. These capsules are completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Top Wildflower CBD Capsule Features 

Fantastically Vegan

It’s rare to come across CBD Capsules these days that are fully vegan. The Wildflower CBD capsules manage to achieve this. As more and more of us are paying attention to the environment, we are searching for products that care as much as we do.

Rich In Hemp Seed Oil

Not only are Wildflower CBD capsules filled with the highest quality CBD. They also contain hemp seed oil that is naturally rich with amino acids, which provides energy to your body and aids with digestion. The hemp seed oil also contains omega 3 and 6 which help support overall health and wellness.

Perfectly Dosed

Accurate and calculated dosing allows you to keep track of the exact amount of CBD you are taking. There is no rough estimate, it is factual you are consuming exactly 30mg of Wildflower CBD with every capsule you take. No mess, no confusion, it is that simple.

Wildflower CBD Capsules Ingredients

Full-spectrum CBD oil, organic hemp seed oil, and cellulose (vegan capsule)

Directions for use:

Suggested usage by Wildflower: Take 1-2 capsules daily with water. 

Wildflower CBD Capsules FAQ

Will Wildflower CBD capsules get me high?

No is the simple answer. Wildflower CBD capsules are THC-free. THC is the psychoactive ingredient that causes the high. Without it you will not get high, it is just not possible. 

When is the best time to take Wildflower CBD capsules?

Wildflower CBD capsules are suitable to take at any time throughout the day. To feel the full benefits it is advised that you keep your dosing regular, for example, if you are taking 1-2 capsules at 9 am, try to take your next dose at 9 am the following day. This will keep the amount of CBD in your system regular. 

How strong are Wildflower CBD capsules?

Wildflower CBD capsules contain 30mg of CBD per capsule. This makes it very easy to keep track of how much CBD you are taking. Directions for use suggest that you should not consume more than 200mg in a 24 hour period.

Are Wildflower CBD capsules legal?

Yes, CBD is totally legal to buy, sell and consume in the UK as long as the THC content is below 0.2%. It is always advised that you check your own country's laws and regulations before purchasing CBD.

Quality Assured:

Here at CBD Porter UK we only stock premium CBD from trusted brands, so you can be confident that you'll receive quality supplements that have undergone extensive research and rigorous laboratory tests.